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Academy of Law, Justice and Forensics

Parantes Futura Iustitiae ~ Preparing the Future of Justice

CEC Early College of Denver is a DPS high school located at 2650 Eliot Street, Denver, CO. Any student can attend our classes and get credit that will meet graduation requirements. Home schools have a bus that will bring provide transportation to and from CEC for either the morning session that runs from 7:35-10:00 or the afternoon session which runs from 12:20-2:45. For more information contact Stacey Hervey at [email protected] or 720-423-6644. We work closely with Community College of Denver to provide concurrent enrollment opportunities

Mission-Create a rigorous CTE learning environment that prepares students for college and career readiness through linked learning in an authentic, real world context. The Academy of Law, Justice and Forensic Science emphasizes critical thinking and written communication skills. Core values will include academic excellence, service before self and ethical leadership through a lens of justice.


  • Provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum leading to increased student achievement and graduation rates
  • Focus on college and career preparation through linked learning experiences
  • Develop critical thinking and writing skills
  • Promote ethical leadership development and commitment to service before self
  • Support the graduation requirements by providing authentic experiences
  • Facilitate dual enrollment and articulated credit so that students can earn post secondary credit while in high school
  • Support the post secondary workforce standards by encouraging internships and applied learning opportunities


Criminal Justice/Law

Have you ever seen "Law & Order," "Cops," "Criminal Minds?" If they make a show about a career, it has to be interesting right? This course covers both the law enforcement and legal side of the criminal justice system. Students will learn about criminal justice through a problem based approach with jail tours, scenarios and other lab based approaches. Students receive high school credit in English and Social studies and up to 9 college credits through CCD.

Crime and Forensics

The chairs were overturned and blood covered the floor. At 8:05 am three students walk into the room and get to work. Not a typical crime, not a typical classroom. Want to be a crime scene investigator? This class is for you. This lab based course focuses on the fundamentals of investigation from the first responding officer through the court presentation. Students will learn about criminal profiling, fingerprinting, blood spatter and the identification of human remains. Students receive high school credit in English and Social studies and up to 6 college credits through CCD.

Fire Science

If serving the community as a fire fighter has been your dream, this class is for you. You will learn through instruction and experience about fire behavior, ropes and knots, search and rescue and become certified in CPR. You will receive elective and PE credit.